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The Clearblue Advanced Fertility Monitor fertility tests are in purple foil and the tests are half purple / half white with a purple cap.

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    How to use Clearblue ADVANCED Fertility Monitor Fertility Tests

    How do I know if I have the right Test Sticks when I am in the shop?

    There are a number of ways you will be able to tell the difference:

    -The pack will have the name of the Monitor, either Clearblue Fertility Monitor or Clearblue Advanced Fertility Monitor as part of the description

    -The design may show a picture of the Monitor and / or the Test Sticks 

    - The purple Fertility Tests for the Advanced Fertility Monitor will normally be packed together with the blue Pregnancy Tests for this Monitor, whereas the original white Fertility Monitor Tests will be sold on their own. You can also ask for advice in the shop as the staff should have been made aware of the different packs.


    Clearblue ADVANCED Fertility Monitor Fertility Tests


    Clearblue Fertility Monitor Fertility Tests 


    Clearblue ADVANCED Fertility Monitor Pregnancy Tests

    Does it really matter if I mix them up?

    It is REALLY important that you only use Tests in your Monitor that have been validated and we know will work. In particular, if you have the original Clearblue Fertility Monitor DO NOT use the Advanced Fertility Monitor Pregnancy Tests, it may interfere with the data it already has stored about your cycle and you will need to start again.

    If you have the original Clearblue Fertility Monitor and want to buy a pack of Fertility Tests for this product (without the Pregnancy Tests), they are available from a number of online retailers – go to our Buy Now page for links to these retailers

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    Myths or facts?

    fertility myths and facts

    "I can get pregnant at any time of the month."
    "A menstrual cycle is always 28 days long."

    Discover the truth about "facts" you may take for granted!